Why you should Stop using TeraBox Now!!

Why you should Stop using TeraBox Now!!

Terabox is the online cloud storage app.They were a Chinese company, and the service was initially called Dubox. After that, Flextech Inc., which was founded in Tokyo, Japan, in 2020.

TeraBox is free offering 1TB of space at no cost - it’s a bold pitch. However, there are a few catches, including a fairly ungenerous 4GB file size limit. Users can only store up to 500 files in a free TeraBox account, and once they’re deleted, they are permanently removed after 10 days. The biggest drawback of the free account, though, is the reduced upload and download speeds, designed to push users towards the unthrottled Premium account.

That TeraBox is legit, but that it has some issues, including: 

• Slow transfer speeds

• Unreliable service

• No privacy protection

• Low security

• Sudden bankruptcy

• No API support

• Buggy apps

• Sudden reduction in drive volume 


Google Drive comes with 15GB of free storage space, while TeraBox comes with 1TB of free storage space

 But there are also problems with the TeraBox app, including the fact that it has a lot of ads, there is so many add it's impossible to use this app. Every single time you open this app you will get at least one unskippable full screen ad, sometimes 2 or more on top of one another

 all with very loud audio . Once inside the app every single thing you touch will load another ad.This ad placed by app developer.On 2020 Terabox launch on market.many users gives feedback regarding to ad.but still there is so many ad. It almost 4 years.


This app also collect data from your device such as:

• Photos and videos, files and Docs.

• Music files and other audio files.

• Personal information: name user IDs Email address and phone number.

• Financial info : purchase history.

• App info: crash longs , Diagnostics, and other app performance data.

• After delete this app it also have you permission of your device.


Terabox app is Chinese company. It is cheap and gives lots of storage but for our safety choose wisely.

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