New Valorant Agent : Clove A Non-Binary Agent

New Valorant Agent : Clove A Non-Binary Agent

New Valorant Agent : Clove A Non-Binary Agent

The 25th Agent is Live on Valorant. It is a controller agent with smokes, decaying and most surprisingly a Their ultimate is to revive their self is most shocking ability and also this can broke the valorant. But its gonna happen they have team mates alive or spike has planted. also after reviving self they need to deal damage or kill to Survive otherwise after certain time they will dead.

First here is the gameplay video: 

Pick-Me-Up (C): Clove absorbs the life energy of a fallen enemy, granting them a moment of increased agility and health.
Meddle (Q): Clove focuses a fragment of immortality essence that, once thrown, deteriorates the life essence of those hit by the blast.
Ruse (E): Clove’s mind projects a view of the battlefield from above. Using their essence, they manifest vision-obscuring clouds that change the flow of battle, even in death.
Not Dead Yet (X): Clove defies death by activating their immortality essence. To stabilize their form, they must remove the life energy of an opponent.

7 orbs is very less to get revived because sage has to get 8 orbs to revive someone. 

When it is Coming We are not sure about this but we can Take tentative date 26Th March 2024. Because  Their Gameplay Ability got leaked so it is coming As soon as possible. many youtuber and streamer told that this agent is gonna have highest pick rate because it is mixer of Pheonix ult, Sage ult , reyna Dismiss also Omen's smoke with brim's Ipad(LOL). But its better. It is looking great in both theoretically and practically.

So are you Excited to play this Agent. We gonna upload a article more on this agent to improve the muscle memory and gameplay with this agent.  Stay tuned!!!

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