MAPPLS The New Alternative of Google Maps in India!!

 MAPPLS The New Alternative of Google Maps in India!!

MAPPLS The New Alternative of Google Maps in India!!


MapmyIndia was founded by Rakesh and Rashmi Verma in 1995. The couple launched a startup called CE Info Systems in New Delhi, India. Initially, the company embarked on a project to develop high-quality maps with detailed topography, catering to the marketing and logistics needs of clients like Coca-Cola and Cellular One.

In 2004, MapmyIndia introduced the first Indian interactive digital mapping portal, Subsequently, in 2010, the company rolled out Road Pilot, a GPS navigation service preloaded with extensive data on Indian cities, villages, and destinations. Leveraging ISRO Satellite Imagery, the company's online maps provide users with detailed satellite and hybrid views.

Extra Features Of Mapple:

1. Complex flyovers made easy with navigation.

2. Additionally, this app can save you from fines by providing speed and traffic monitoring alerts.

3. This app can save your life by giving alerts about potholes and speed breakers ahead.

4. It calculates the cost of traveling by obtaining the mileage of your vehicle.

5. Since it is an Indian app, your data will be secured.

Cons Of Mapple:

While MapmyIndia boasts a unique navigation system and is renowned as one of the best map navigation apps, it also encounters some drawbacks. For instance, users in Kolkata may experience inconsistencies in satellite imagery, where cloud cover or pixelation hampers clarity, particularly when zooming in on certain areas.


Mappls is an Indian navigation platform powered by NAVIC, offering a compelling alternative to global competitors like Google Maps. Positioned as a secure, indigenous solution, Mappls ensures data privacy with robust security measures. Headquartered in New Delhi, India, the company maintains strict confidentiality by storing user data solely on Indian servers.

Mappls App distinguishes itself by offering offline navigation capabilities, guiding users to their destinations even without an internet connection. It prides itself on providing the best and quickest routes for journeys, prioritizing user convenience and safety.

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